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A timeline of Samsung’s TVs: from their first CRTs to modern QLEDs

Samsung has been in the TV market for a long time, and Samsung’s TVs have come a long way over the decades. Samsung started out as an electronics company, and they are still one of the biggest companies in that field today. But Samsung is also famous for its TVs. In this article, we’ll look at Samsung’s history with TVs from inception to modern LCD and OLED models!

After launching their first TV decades ago, Samsung has come a long way in the TV market. Samsung had to start somewhere, and their first TVs were simple black-and-white sets with four channels of programming. Samsung didn’t have its own manufacturing plants at this time so it licensed technology from Zenith and RCA.

In 1972 Samsung started producing more complex CRT TVs that included both audio and video capabilities as well as colour screens for some models. These early products are much simpler than what Samsung is doing today, but they’re still an important part of Samsung’s TV history!

By 1977 Samsung was able to produce LCD TVs which could be produced in any size thanks to new display technologies like liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This made them one of the few companies in the world capable of producing thin, flatscreen models, even if their price made them inaccessible for most. Samsung’s LCD TVs were an expensive luxury in those days!

In 1997 Samsung was the first company to produce plasma screens, and they continued to grow their TV business by producing HDTVs with ever-increasing resolutions. Plasma screens are still used today for large displays like televisions because of how well they reproduce colours on a screen. Samsung has been releasing many new models over the years from its line of LCD and OLED products that have much higher resolution than previous generations.

Samsung is now one of the leading companies in the flat panel market (alongside Sony). In fact, Samsung sells more TVs than any other manufacturer currently active in this industry! Samsung offers both high-end technologies such as QLED sets or low priced options if you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice. They even have their own streaming content channels integrated into the TV guide, known as TV plus, which many choose to disable. Samsung’s TV market is one of the biggest, most important parts of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has been selling TVs for a long time now and they’re still going strong!

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