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How to remove TV Plus from your Samsung TV

At some point, since I bought my Samsung smart TV a few years ago, a software update renamed the TV source for the digital tuner as TV Plus. Annoyingly, my TV would default to some TV Plus channel when I turned it on fairly often, instead of going back to the last channel I actually watched.

The TV Plus channel my TV would keep going back to just showed movie trailers from Rakuten on a loop and this page on their website suggests TV Plus only offers you “attractive trailers and extras” for free. You’ll have to pay to actually watch any movies.

I’ve finally found a way to stop this happening, and all you’ll have to do is remove the TV Plus channels listed at channel numbers 4000+ from your TV’s channels list. Just follow the four steps below.

I’m using a Samsung 49KU6100, but the steps should be pretty similar if not the same on most recent Samsung models. 

TV Plus channels on Samsung Smart TV

How to remove TV Plus from a Samsung TV:

  1. Select the TV source

    Press the source button on your remote and select Live TV or TV Plus. Make sure you’re watching any channel from the TV’s built-in tuner, like a Freeview channel.

  2. Open the channel list

    Press the channel list button on your remote. Open the full-screen view channel list.

  3. Select the TV Plus channels

    Use the tick boxes to select every TV plus channel. At the time of writing, these are 4000, 4001, 4002 and 4003.

  4. Delete the TV Plus channels

    Click delete. You’ll get a warning that there’s no way to get the TV Plus channels back without resetting the TV. Click OK.

Removing TV Plus from Samsung TV

And that’s it! You’ve removed the TV Plus channels from your Samsung Smart TV and you’ll no longer find it showing movie trailers from TV Plus when you first turn it on.

If a future software update brings the TV Plus channels back, try repeating this guide. We’ve never had this happen yet, but I’m guessing it’s a possibility.

Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns / (CC BY 2.0)

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