Perfect for the glovebox

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All the other reviewers say these are perfect for the handbag. Maybe, but if you’re a male and you don’t have a handbag, you probably have the male equivalent, the car glovebox. These also go perfectly in there.

I can’t comment on their make-up removing ability, perhaps one day a female will strangely ask if I have anything to remove their makeup with whilst I’m driving and I’ll be able up update my review. Until then, I can only comment on my own usage, which has been to wipe around my face after eating a greasy McDonald’s on the way to Pwllheli, and once in the morning at home just as test. To be fair, they are fragrance free, as far as I can tell, and left my skin feeling all nice and fresh.

My skin can be sensitive sometimes but these haven’t caused me any problems.

As expected and already stated, I’ve not noticed any side effects from using this. As with all products, it’s difficult to be subjective and hypothesize that a particular aspect of my skin is significantly improved due to one factor. This product has orders of magnitudes of science backing it’s benefits compared to most competitors. I’m confident I’ll be better off with them than without. Should I notice any side effects or change my usage for any reason, I’ll be sure to update my review.

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My rating: 5 out of 5