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Huawei P30 Pro charging speeds tested

The P30 Pro is the first Huawei phone with superfast 40W charging, all from the included mains charger. Our tests found this could charge the phone from zero to 50 per cent in just 20 minutes.

Last year’s P20 Pro already supported superfast charging at up to 22.5W with the included 5V 4.5A mains charger, as does the standard P30, but the charger included with the P30 Pro goes all the way up to 10V 4A.

Huawei claim the P30 Pro can charge to 60 per cent from empty in just 30 minutes, though in our tests it managed to charge even faster!

Test results: P30 Pro charging time

  • 0% – Start
  • 12% – 4 minutes
  • 20% – 7 minutes
  • 30% – 11 minutes
  • 50% – 20 minutes
  • 67% – 30 minutes
  • 95% – 55 minutes
  • 100% – 65 minutes

Tested with Huawei 240V mains charger included in retail box.
Model HW-100400B00.
‘real-world’ test with auto-sync, wifi, app updates etc left turned on

The Huawei P30 Pro supports several fast-charging standards via its USB-C connection, all of which reduce the charging speed when the battery is nearly full to prolong its life.

Huawei Supercharge is the proprietary technology used to achieve the superfast speeds tested above, which supplies 40W of power with 4A at 10V. The included charger will switch down to 2A at 9V or 5V as required.

With Qi Wireless Charging, the P30 Pro can charge at up to 15W. Much slower than the wired 40W from Huawei Supercharge but still nearly as fast as the P20 Pro or P30, which always seemed pretty quick themselves and don’t support any wireless charging.

The P30 Pro also supports USB Power Delivery, although our testing kit rarely showed it going above around 1.3A at 9V, which works out to about 11.7W. There’s a chance a different Power Delivery charger would perform better, but this speed is only marginally better than standard 5V charging.

The P30 Pro can charge from any 5V USB charger, most of which now go up to between 2A and 2.4A. Under ideal circumstances, this should get you around 10W of charging power.

How fast can the P30 Pro charge?

With the supplied Huawei Supercharger, the P30 Pro charges at 45W, reaching 50% in just 20 minutes and 100% in just over an hour. Like all lithium batteries, the charging speed decreases as it approaches full charge.

Which charging technology does the P30 Pro support?

The P30 Pro supports Huawei Supercharge up to 45W and QI wireless charging up to 15W. It also supports standard USB charging up to around 2A and USB Power Delivery.

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