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Nvidia brings DLSS to Final Fantasy XV with 417.35 driver update

12th December 2018 Off By

Nvidia have this week release driver update version 417.35, which brings the AI-boosted anti-aliasing DLSS to Final Fantasy XV: Windows edition.

The manufacturer claims that alongside a Steam update for the game, this will enable players with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to play at a smooth 60fps at 4K resolution with max quality settings.

After installing both the driver and game updates, DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, must be enabled from Final Fantasy XV’s settings menu.

Nvidia also released this comparison video alongside the update.

In addition to bringing DLSS to Final Fantasy XV, the following changes were included in the incremental 417.35 update.

3D Vision Profiles

Added or updated the following 3D Vision profiles:

  • Insurgency Sandstorm – Not Recommended
  • Atlas – Fair

Software Module Versions

  • nView – 149.34
  • HD Audio Driver –
  • NVIDIA PhysX System Software – 9.18.0907
  • GeForce Experience –
  • CUDA – 10.0

Fixed Issues and Other Changes

  • [SLI][TITAN Xp]: SLI is disabled by default after installing the driver. [200471881]
  • [TITAN V][NVIDIA Control Panel]: The Workstation->Manage GPU Utilization page appears when it shouldn’t. [200470813]
  • [Rocket League]: The game launches to a white screen with audio in the background and then crashes. [2451530]
  • [Battlefield V: Day0 97][Ansel]: After being moved all the way to the left, the Anselfield-of view (FoV) slider stops following the click-and-drag mouse movement. [2438857]
  • [Hitman 2 Silent assassin]: There is flickering texture corruption in the game. [200472315
  • [Notebook][3D games]: Frame rate of 3D games may drop to under 30 fps on notebooks. [2456653]

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