Looks well cool!

LightStory ST58 3.5W=40W Clear LED Edison Bulb, E27 Base, 2200K, 240V, Non-dimmable
  • THE BEST ENERGY SAVING LED LIGHT - 3.5 watts replaces the standard 40-watt incandescent light bulb
  • COOL RETRO LOOKING LED BULBS - 360 degree beam angle, soft white, light pattern same as incandescent bulbs
  • BUY MORE SAVE MORE - energy savings up to 90%
  • ECO-FRIENDLY LED LIGHTING - clear glass led bulbs, mercury-free, no flicker and no UV

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I’ve got plenty of LED bulbs but had never tried one of these vintage style ones with the fake filament things. I’m very impressed, they look like proper lightbulbs, except cooler, and because of the design look like they’re pulling 100W not 3.5W. They give out loads of light for a 3.5W bulb and cost pence per year, if that, to run.
It arrives in a massive cardboard box, presumably to provide protection during shipping.

– Looks awesome, like a proper bulb in a nice lamp rather than a bland plastic frosted energy saving one.
– Gives out loads of light for the power
– Only 3.5W, very low running cost

– More fragile than typical plastic LED bulbs

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