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Review: Innoo Tech Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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My rating: 5 out of 5

The majority of Bluetooth speakers these days impress with their sound quality and this product is no exception. I won’t say too much about the sound quality as the only way to know is to see for yourself, but if you’ve owned similar products you’ll know what to expect. It goes more than loud enough for any shower, and the sound is crisp and clear. Just don’t expect it to match your £200 Bose system or have the bass to run your next illegal rave with it and you’ll be fine.

The speaker comes with an unusual cable, with a microUSB connection on one end, splitting to a 3.5mm connector and a standard USB connection on the other end. The device will charge at up to 1A from any USB socket, with any MicroUSB cable, however, you’ll need to keep hold of this original cable if you want to use the Aux in mode. The speaker has no 3.5mm socket, instead opting for a MicroSD memory card reader in it’s place which will play back any MP3s saved onto an old memory card you probably have lying around. So, if you ever want to connect via an aux cable, you’ll need to use the MicroUSB port and this strange cable. As I’ve never used the aux in socket on any Bluetooth speaker I’ve owned I can’t see this being an issue when I inevitably lose this cable very soon.

The manual that comes with this device doesn’t really know much about it. It might have been produced using Google Translate, so don’t put too much time into reading it as you’ll figure everything out yourself before too long. It amused me that both packaging and manual boast about the speakers “eco-friendly” plastic rubber buttons.

Hold the power button to turn the device on, it will initially enter Bluetooth mode which is announced by a voice that goes through you worse than any self-service checkout. If no device is connected, it will enter pairing mode.

The other buttons on the top, from left to right, is a M button, which will cycle through Bluetooth, FM Radio, Aux in, and MicroSD card modes with a little voice announcement for each. Then you’ve got Play/Pause, and both a + and – button. These will skip tracks when pressed, or can be held down to adjust the volume.

Also noted is the FM radio feature. It’s not advertised anywhere on the Amazon listing or on the packaging, and is only briefly mentioned in the manual. I’d imagine it’s not advertised as the reception isn’t amazing and they don’t want to give false hopes for the product. It’s functional, and can get good sound from a strong FM signal, but will struggle with weaker stations that a dedicated radio would tune in to with ease. In this mode, the + and – buttons autoscan through the frequencies when short pressed, and again adjust volume on a long press.

I also tested the waterproofing. It’s not advisable to submerge this device in water although I briefly did and it worked again once it dried off a bit, but you could damage it. This speaker will be fine in the rain or in your shower, but just note that if you directly soak the speaker grill, it will muffle the sound until it dries off a bit.

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