Deluge bandwidth limit old versions

How to: stop Deluge ignoring bandwidth limits on Unraid

4th October 2018 Off By

For the last few months, I’ve noticed that my torrent client, Deluge, has been ignoring the bandwidth limit and instead using all the bandwidth available.

I’d been hoping an update would fix it, but after getting fed up with painfully slow web browsing whilst downloading, I’ve found my own fix today.

The problem is caused by a bug in the libtorrent v1.1.5 library on which Deluge is based. The Deluge docker container published by linuxserver upgraded to this library on 29th March 2018. This makes sense, as it’s around when Deluge’s bandwidth limit stopped working.

To make the bandwidth limit start working again, we can simply downgrade to a Deluge docker version without the buggy libtorrent v1.1.5 library. This should work across all operating systems, but as I’m using Unraid, here’s exactly how I did it.

How to stop Deluge ignoring bandwidth limits:

Time needed: 2 minutes.

This guide shows you how to downgrade your Deluge installation on an Unraid media server in just a few clicks.

  1. Find the ‘tag’ for an older version of the Deluge docker

    Using the tags page here, we can find the numerical tag for an earlier version of Deluge.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t show exact update dates, so I had to guess which would be early enough to use an older libtorrent library.
    I went for tag 110, which seems to be working fine.Deluge bandwidth limits old versions

  2. Edit your Deluge docker container on Unraid

    Open the web interface for your Unraid server, and go to the Docker tab.
    Select your Deluge docker, then click Edit to go to the right place.

  3. Add your chosen tag to the repository field

    As shown in the image below, add your chosen tag number to the Repository field. It should already read linuxserver/deluge
    To downgrade to version 110, change it to linuxserver/deluge:110
    Deluge bandwidth limit old versions

  4. Scroll down and click Apply

    That’s it! All done! Unraid will now pull down the older version of the Deluge docker and install it over your current version.
    Your settings and torrents should be unaffected, and everything should work instantly just as before. Except now, the bandwidth limit actually works!

Any errors?

Sometimes, some torrents can show errors after performing these steps. This also happens when upgrading Unraid, and I think it’s caused by the installer suddenly killing the active Deluge application whilst torrents are active.

Don’t worry, your data hasn’t been lost, Deluge just isn’t sure how much of the torrent has been download.

Right-click on any affected torrent, and select force refresh.

Deluge will then scan any downloaded parts of the torrent, and resuming downloading what’s still needed. On most torrents, this should only take a few seconds, but on very large torrents (think dozens of gigabytes!) it could take a few minutes.