How to get your OnePlus 6 tracking number for faster shipping updates

 How to get your OnePlus 6 tracking number for faster shipping updates

So like many others, I bought a Oneplus 6 when the online sales opened at 10am on Tuesday.

After grappling with the website and payment portal crashing, I was eventually given an estimated dispatch of Friday May 25th with estimated delivery to the UK after the bank holiday on Tuesday 29th.

Not ideal when you’ve paid for ‘premium’ delivery, but all the same, I was happy to get the order placed within about 30 minutes of the Oneplus 6 going on sale. I still wasn’t sure if they would be dispatched from abroad or from a UK warehouse.

Fortunately, on Wednesday, as soon as 24 hours after placing my order, I got an order dispatched email. Awesome, one problem, the tracking link in the email didn’t work. 

Oneplus package tracking error

It can take the Oneplus 6 tracking portal up to 24 hours to catch up with the courier’s own tracking system, so for up to a day after your order dispatched email, the Oneplus tracking link won’t know your order exists.

With a delivery time of just 1-2 days total, a 24 tracking information delay isn’t what you want. Luckily, it’s really easy to find your tracking number and take it to the courier’s own website.

Oneplus 6 tracking number

The tracking number you need is in the URL of the email link, as above. In most cases, it should also be printed somewhere in the order dispatched email.

Even when they do include the tracking number, Oneplus don’t include which courier they’ve used in their order dispatched email. If you’re in the UK and your tracking number looks like the one above, it’s likely a DHL package, which you can track here.

You can find out which courier Oneplus have used to ship your order using a service such as, a universal package tracker. 

A universal package tracker will accept any tracking number from any courier, and automatically find the latest status updates, and tell you which courier has been used. You can then use that courier’s official website to ensure you’re getting the most recent information, and many will also allow you to set up text or email alerts.

The tracking information currently shows my new Oneplus 6 began its journey to the UK at Szczecin, Poland, near the German border. From this, I’d expect all OnePlus orders from the EU are still being covered from their Polish warehouse.

Presumably, it will fly overnight on a DHL jet into East Midlands Airport, from where it’ll be driven up to Manchester in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Main image credit: Oneplus