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How to add DAB radio to your car – every method explained

If your car is too old to come equipped with a digital radio, there are many ways to add DAB radio capability to your vehicle.

The most popular method is to buy a DAB add-on adaptor, which connects to your existing radio by FM, Bluetooth, or Line-In. Some models can be installed by yourself in seconds, but the best results often come from a fully-installed DAB adaptor with an external aerial.

Alternatively, you can replace the existing radio in your car with an aftermarket, DAB capable radio. Unfortunately, this is not possible in many modern cars, where it is not possible to fit a standard size aftermarket radio without extensive modification.

If you have a mobile phone with enough data, and good 3G or 4G coverage, it is often easier to connect your mobile phone to your car radio. You can then stream all DAB radio stations, and much more, at minimal cost and with very little set-up. Those who only listen to DAB radio occasionally are most likely to be satisfied with this solution for adding DAB to your existing car radio.

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