Fix due for Gutenberg 3.7.0 unexpected error caused by Yoast conflict

 Fix due for Gutenberg 3.7.0 unexpected error caused by Yoast conflict

The new block-based text editor for WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg, was updated to version 3.7.0 towards the end of last week.

Unfortunately, it brings a fatal error that totally prevents any posts being created or edited.

Countless WordPress users have reported that since installing the update, the message “The editor has encountered an unexpected error” appears when trying to access the editor.

The ‘Attempt Recovery’ button that accompanies the error seems to have no effect.

Gutenberg 3.7.0 Unexpected Error

The bug leaves WordPress users unable to create or edit posts on their websites.

New posts can be created by using the classic editor. But, using the classic editor to edit an existing post written in Gutenberg will likely cause formatting issues.

However, despite the online community attributing the bug to the release of Gutenberg 3.7.0, Github users quickly identified the error as the result of a conflict with the Yoast 8.1 plugin. Additionally, using a plugin such as WP Rollback to install an earlier version of Gutenberg does not always resolve the issue.

Yoast is the most popular SEO optimisation plugin for WordPress.

Fix due in an update next week – workaround until then

Yoast staff have confirmed that a fix for the conflict should be released on Monday.

Until then, temporarily disabling the Yoast 8.1 plugin should restore full functionality of the Gutenberg editor.

These extra steps below will allow Yoast to be re-enabled, and to run alongside Gutenberg without crashing, with one catch.

Github users have hypothesised that the issue is related to Yoast’s handling of the Categories panel in Gutenberg.

This further workaround allows users to continue using Gutenberg alongside Yoast, as long as the Categories panel is not opened. First, disable the Yoast plugin. Then, open a post in Gutenberg and close the Categories panel.

Yoast can then be enabled and will keep working alongside Gutenberg. However, accidentally opening the Categories panel will cause Gutenberg to immediately crash.