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Sienoc The smallest Black HDMI TO VGA with Audio Adapter for PC Laptop to VGA Monitor 1080P 720p Color Black
  • The HDMI to VGA FEMALE TO FEMALE with Audio out adapter is designed to transfer HDMI signal of those devices with HDMI interface, like computer, laptop, HD-set-top-box, harddisk player, PS3, Xbox360, Raspberry Pi and tablets, to VGA signal and display it to large screen devices, such as monitors, LCD TV, Projectors.
  • Can not work only with audio output. When you just connect the audio output(like earphone ,speaker ) and without any device of VGA output ,the HDMI input signal is not actived and all signal has closed . So it does not support only with audio output . But you does not connect the auido output ,and just connect the VGA device .The vga device can works.
  • It does not work for Chromecast.

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I’m using this to connect a Chromecast to an older TV without HDMI in my bedroom.
I’ve gotten into the habit of using Chromecast with Plex, iPlayer and Netflix for everything and this has allowed me to squeeze a bit more life out of a TV that is definitely past it’s best.

I bought a cheaper, bulkier adaptor off eBay first but found it not to work. This works fine. There’s no set up needed, it splits the HDMI signal into a VGA video signal and a separate 3.5mm audio signal which should connect to the PC Audio socket on your TV.

You get a 3.5mm aux cable included, but no VGA or HDMI cables as expected.

The only issue I’ve found is that over VGA, the TV cannot tell the HDMI device what resolutions it supports. For most devices where you can set the resolution manually this won’t be an issue, however the Chromecast does not allow this and just defaults to 1080p. My TV won’t go over 1680 * 1050 so you get some clipping of the picture, but as this is just a temporary solution to watch a few old South Park episodes in bed, it’s not a big deal.

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My rating: 5 out of 5

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