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Google Pay broken in OnePlus 6 Android Pie beta releases

OnePlus have released an open beta of Android Pie for the OnePlus 6.

The package is available as a 1.3GB download from the OnePlus Community, and is currently on it’s second release.

Android Pie OxygenOS Open Beta 2 for OnePlus 6 was released on September 7th.

However, the ‘known issues’ stated in the release notes confirm that a crucial bug from the first open beta has still not been fixed.

Google Pay, previously known as Android Pay, is still not working on the beta builds.

That means OnePlus 6 users that take the early upgrade to Android Pie will lose the ability to make contactless payments until the problem is resolved.

An issue that was thought to be related has been fixed in the second beta, suggesting that it was in fact not connected to the Google Pay bug. The bug caused an uncertified device error to be shown when using Google Play Services.

Oneplus 6
Image credit: OnePlus

There’s currently no word from OnePlus on when the payments bug is likely to be resolved. OnePlus do however tend to use a fortnightly release schedule for their open beta programmes, so a fix could now be just a week away.

Of course, OnePlus will ensure the Google Pay bug is totally resolved before a stable build of Android Pie is released.

Other known issues in this build include some third-party apps not functioning as expected.

To update your OnePlus 6 with the Android Pie Open Beta, download the latest release straight to your phone from downloads.oneplus.com. The update can then be installed using the ‘local upgrade’ option within the phone’s software update settings page.

Future open beta updates will then seamlessly be installed as over-the-air packages, requiring little more than a quick reboot.

Moving between beta and stable builds often requires a full wipe of the phone’s memory, including settings and media.

The beta builds also include a feedback tool, now integrated into the community app, to send reports of errors directly to OnePlus.

Early adopters of the OnePlus 6 were hit by a ‘silent phone calls’ bug, which caused audio to be dropped when switching between speakerphone and handset earpiece. 

The bug was swiftly fixed by OnePlus with a software update. Other popular updates have introduced dual 4G standby and the ability to display the battery’s percentage in the status bar.

Main image credit: OnePlus

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