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Smart Weigh Precision Body Composition Analyser and Digital Bathroom Scale with Large LCD Display and 440 lb / 200kg Capacity, Measures Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Water, Muscle and Bone Mass, Silver
  • Smart Technology - Body composition monitor utilizes BIA technology to provide accurate readings of body weight, BMI, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and those trying to be healthy
  • High Precision - Four advanced sensors give extremely accurate readings, while auto calibration system ensures consistent, faultless readings each time
  • Modern Design - Digital scale has a sleek, durable tempered glass base with designed platform. Scale has a capacity of 440 pounds / 200 kilograms. The large blue backlit LCD display shows readings with large visible numbers. Measurements can be read in three weighing modes: lb, kg and st;lb
  • Convenience - Made with advanced step-on technology, this bathroom scale gives weight readings immediately with no tapping necessary. Body scale also includes automatic shut off to conserve energy and unit button to switch between weighing modes

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Having previously used everything from cheap mechanical scales to the expensive Salter brand body analyser scales, I must admit these are by far the most impressive. They’ve replaced my previous Salter scales, so I’ll be drawing a lot of comparisons to those.

First advantage is the user memory, there’s 8 slots rather than 4, but more importantly, it knows who’s who all by itself. When you first enter your age, height and gender, you have to step on the scales to save your profile. From then on, instead of having to select a profile every time you want measurements taking, like my previous scales which would have you stepping on and off multiple times, it will use your weight know it’s you and automatically select the correct profile.
The manual states that if you and another family member have similar weights you may have to select manually, but even so this is a massive advantage over the main competitors.

The screen is also backlit, with a lovely blue tone, and is easy to read from all angles and from a distance. When you weigh yourself, the scales will remember your previous weight and show you the difference, and the backlight will change green if you’ve lost weight or red if you’ve gained weight.

These scales will display weight in pounds (lbs), stones and pounds, or kilograms. After taking your weight, provided you are barefooted, it will then scroll through readings and calculations of your BMI, body fat percentage, body water percentage, body muscle percentage, and bone mass.

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My rating: 5 out of 5