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These make you poo. Simple as that. and other scientific sources will confirm this when you look up studies that have been done on the substances contained in each of these.

You’re advised by the manufacturer to take three daily, meaning this 60 capsule tub should give a 20 day supply. Perhaps for many people this will be required, maybe you have long term difficulties keeping your poo on the move, perhaps as a side effect of a long term medication. I’d imagine this would be useful to take alongside a Codeine, Tramadol or other opiate prescription to relieve to constipation. Doctors commonly prescribe a laxative in these situations but you may prefer something natural such as this product. Most importantly TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR FIRST if you plan to take this alongside or in place of any prescription medication.

As with all supplements, it’s difficult to be subjective and hypothesize that a particular aspect of my life is significantly improved due to taking these. This product has orders of magnitudes of science backing it’s benefits compared to most competitors, and they’re much more reasonably priced. I’m confident I’ll be better off with them than without. Should I notice any side effects or change my consumption for any reason, I’ll be sure to update my review.

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My rating: 5 out of 5

Sam Warrenger