The Nextbase 512GW Rear Camera Add-on is finally about to be released

The Nextbase 512GW Rear Camera Add-on is finally about to be released

20th June 2018 0 By Sam Warrenger

After almost a year of delays, Nextbase have confirmed to Fuseboxed that the Nextbase 512GWRC will be available to buy within weeks.

Owners of the Nextbase 512GW Dashcam have long awaited the release of this rear camera add-on. The 512GW has an extra MiniUSB port reserved for this add-on, which owner have remained unable to use as the release date of the rear camera was repeatedly delayed.

Today however, Nextbase have told Fuseboxed that the Nextbase 512GWRC Rear Camera Add-on will be available in the UK from Halfords in early July, pegging the release for just weeks away.

Limited batches were previously sold through the Nextbase web store, though they are not expected to release any more stock until following the Halfords launch.

The rear camera will initially be sold for £49, making it a reasonably low-cost upgrade for Nextbase 512GW owners looking to add rear view recording. Both cameras will record to the front camera’s microSD card.

Nextbase 512GW Rear Camera MicroUSB socketNextbase 512GW Rear Camera MiniUSB socket
A MiniUSB socket marker ‘R-Cam’ is present on the top of the Nextbase 512GW

Rather than requiring its own power supply, the rear camera connects solely to and draws its power from the 512GW. It comes supplied with a 6 metre long cable, designed to be hidden within your car’s roof lining. 

Nextbase have also confirmed technical specifications and released the two images above.

Notably, when recording from both cameras, both will record in 1080p at 30fps. This means 512GW owners will take a quality hit when connecting the rear camera, as without it the 512GW can record in 1080p at 60fps or 2160p at 30fps.

With the rear camera connected, its feed can be displayed picture-in-picture with the front view, or fullscreen to be used as a reversing camera. Presumably, it can also be hidden altogether. Personally, I have my 512GW showing nothing but a speedometer whilst driving.

Nextbase 512GW
The Nextbase 512GW is the only dashcam compatible with this add-on

The 512GW is currently the only Nextbase dashcam compatible with the rear camera add-on, so owners of other models are out of luck.

Like it’s front camera big brother, the 512GWRC uses a high quality Sony Exmor R image sensor. It’s supplied with an adhesive mount that should attach firmly to the rear window.

We’re yet to see any confirmation as to the degrees field of view of this camera.

Nextbase 512GW 1440p QUAD HD In-Car Dash Camera with Wi-Fi/Anti-Glare Polarizing filter - Black
To use the new Nextbase 512GWRC Rear Camera, you'll need a Nextbase 512GW dashcam. It's the only model currently available that works with the rear camera attachment. The current Amazon price is shown below.

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