A timeline of Samsung’s TVs: from their first CRTs to modern QLEDs

Samsung were one of the first companies to produce modern LCD and plasma screen TVs and now have their own QLED technology.

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Podcast Addict app removed from Play Store over COVID-19 podcasts

Popular podcast app 'Podcast Addict' has been removed from the Google Play Store for providing access to COVID-19 related content.

Open-source Youtube app ‘Newpipe’ gets official Android TV and Fire TV support

Official support for Android TV, Amazon's Fire TV and Youtube Music has been added to the open-source Youtube client OpenPipe.

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Explained: Choosing a DAB radio aerial for your car

If you've fitted an aftermarket DAB radio or adaptor, you'll need to choose a car DAB aerial to go with it. Find out which will give the best results.

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Awesome braided cable

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